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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the most advanced first person shooter to date. It offers gamers the chance to experience state of the art gaming with real life game play. It is the only game from the Call of Duty Series that is a follow up of the first Modern Warfare. Officially released on November 10th 2009, also released with 2 other games called CoD Modern Warfare: Mobilized for the Nintendo DS and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex for the Nintendo Wii.

CoD MW2 had outstanding reviews from various websites, collating an overall score of 94% on Metacritic, praising its excellent multiplayer component. Since its release it has sold over 20 million copies and is now the best-selling game ever in the UK. In a review from IGN it scored 95/100 and they left this review β€œFor those planning to check out everything MW2 has to offer – online competition, full co-op Spec Ops mode, as well as the campaign – you're looking at a no-brainer purchase. For the strictly single player crowd, however, Modern Warfare 2 is surprisingly short, and doesn't live up to the standard set by previous Call of Duty games.”

We have put together a collection of useful resources. In our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Ranks page we have put togehter all the information you would need. You can learn everything you need to know about the ranking structure of your soldier all the way through to level 70 where you can Prestige and start from the begining with a new badge. Also we have put together a collection of CoD Modern Warfare 2 Maps with detailed information about the different layouts so you can see easy ways of getting around and avoiding suprise attacks from the enermy. When setting up your kit for your solider you are able to select 2 perks depending on your level, as you progress through the game and level up you can unlock more perks. As perks are used more and more they get upgraded in level to the Pro version to get gain more advantages. Visit our Call of Duty MW2 Perks page to view a list of all available perks and their upgrade requirements.

In our forum you will find a large community of Elite Gamers who are willing to offer their advice and support on personal experience and ready to answer any of your questions ranging anything from how to use your sniper rifle more effectivly to throwing granades more tacticly, and getting more Effective FMJ kills Sign up today and join in with us.

There are 3 aspects of CoD MW 2 there is the campaign, Special Ops, and Online Multiplayer. The Campaign is the basic storyline of the game and is single player, play through this to get a basic understanding of the game and how things work. The special Ops are cooperative but most of the missions can be played alone however some do require 2 players which can be done locally or online, various scenarios include snowmobile racing against each other and another where one player provides support from an AC-130 and the other player engages enemies on the ground.
The online multiplayer mode allows players to gain experience points and level up through a ranking system and unlocking new weapons and kit as they go, along with Call of Duty Perks and Kill Streak Rewards of which people can call in the Nuke which is gained after a 25 kill streak and it blows up the whole map and everybody on it and gives instant victory. There are 7 types of games available including the following; Free-For-All, Search & Destroy, Demolition, Sabotage, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag.

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