Black Ops Wager Matches

Intrested in betting? Then check our what Call of Duty Black Ops has to offer with its new wager system. There are four different types of wager matches avalible; One in the Chamber, Stick and Stones, The Gun Game, and Sharpshooter. To win the wager you must finish in the top 3 players in the match, succeed to increase your COD Points, Fail and you will be back to square one.

Sticks and Stones

In the Sticks and Stones game type you start with 3 weapons; a Crossbow, a Ballistic Knife, and a Tomahawk. Each kill gains you an extra point, however if you get hit by a Tomahawk your match points get set back to zero. This is humilitation at its best. Be in the top 3 players at the end of the game to earn your COD Points.

At a quick glance some gamers assume the Ballistic Knife and the Tomahawk work in the same fashion, however they are different. The ballistic knife is faster and more accurate, What you see is what you hit. When aiming with the ballistic knife make sure you are sure of what you are going to hit as you only have 2 shots. Perfecting the knife is a hard task but with practice it can be done. However the other gamers may get very anoyd with you running around killing them with a knife and also melee kills get you alot less points.

The Tomahawk requires a little more skill, It is a trajectory weapon of which you must take into account when firing at your oponnant, so the further away the target is the higher up you need to aim. it will take some getting used to but its well worth it when masterd but dont forget to pick it back up afterwards.

And last but not least there is the Crossbow, containing four exploding arrows. Do bare in mind that when firing at your target that it will not kill them instantly like a bullet would, so once you have hit them dont stick around for the fireworks move on to your next victim, because the delay between you hitting them and them dying is still long enough for them to shoot back at you. A good tactic is when they are running around a corner and you fire they will be hit and you will be out of their line of sight therefore they will not know how or what hit them before they die.

One in the Chamber

Three lives. One bullet. One pistol. One knife. Take down an opponent and you get another bullet. This pretty much sum's up what the One in the Chamber is all about. The technique to wager matches is to anticipate the enermy movements and try to dodge their shot. When it comes to knife combat take a boxing style approach. Try to entise your enermy into making an attack, the simply dodgy and then make your move. With good timing it will take them down. Making smart counterattacks will beat out right aggression all the time, so once the timing is perfected it will be easy enough for you to take down your enermies.

What style will you adapt to for One in the Chamber? Are you a duel style player, battleing face-to-face on the front line, or is your approach more like a sniper and sit and watch for the perfect moment to strike your target like a skilled hunter and rack up more ammo to take the rest down, Another good tactic is wait for other players to engauge in combat and if they are in knife combat you can just pick them off and take their bullet.

Drop in our forum to discuss how you will play and we will also keep you updated there.