Call of Duty Black Ops Perks

Perks are special abilities you can select for each of your create-a-class classes. There are three "tiers" of perks, and you can have only one active perk for each tier.

Perks are unlocked by advancing your rank.

Each perk also has a pro version. The pro perk grants additional abilities whenever you use that perk. To unlock a pro perk, simply use the standard version of the perk. After you use it enough you will unlock the pro version (see the "pro unlock" entry below for the exact requirement).

Perk Ability Unlock Price Pro Ability Pro Unlock
Tier One Perks
lightweight Lightweight Move Faster Level 4 2000 No Falling Damage [Unlock]
scavenger Scavenger Resupply from dead bodies. Does not resupply launchers or equipment Level 4 2000 Doubles your starting ammo with extra magazines, replenishes tactical grenades [Unlock]
ghost Ghost Undetectable by Spy Plane and Blackbird Level 4 2000 Undetectable by aircraft, Dogs, Infra-Red and Sentries. The enemy won’t see your name or a red crosshair when targeting you [Unlock]
hardline Hardline Killstreaks 1 kill early Level 4 2000 Get a second chance on the result of care packages [Unlock]
flak jacket Flak Jacket Extra explosives resistance Level 4 2000 Extra fire resistance and reset fuse when you toss back [Unlock]
Tier Two Perks
hardened Hardened Extra bullet penetration Level 4 2000 Bullets do extra damage to Aircraft and Turrets. Reduced flinch when shot at [Unlock]
scout Scout Hold breath longer Level 4 2000 Switch between weapons faster [Unlock]
steady aim Steady Aim Extra accuracy when shooting from the hip Level 4 2000 Quicker aiming after sprinting and quicker recovery from knife lunge [Unlock]
sleight of hand Slight of Hand Faster reload Level 4 2000 Faster aiming down sights with non-scoped weapons [Unlock]
warlord Warlord 2 attachments on primary weapon Level 4 2000 Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except smoke) [Unlock]
Tier Three Perks
marathon Marathon Longer sprint Level 4 2000 Unlimited sprint [Unlock]
ninja Ninja Move silently Level 4 2000 Louder enemy footsteps, makes you completely silent [Unlock]
second chance Second Chance Pull out pistol before dying Level 4 2000 Survive longer and any team mate can revive you [Unlock]
hacker Hacker Detect enemy equipment and explosives Level 4 2000 Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly [Unlock]
tactical mask Tactical Mask Reduce the effect of Flash and Concussion grenades Level 4 2000 Reduces the effects of Gas and Concussion grenades. Reveals the location of a flashed or stunned enemy [Unlock]