Black Ops Combat Training

Welcome to the new training mode for Call of Duty Black Ops, also known as Combat Training. To be the best you need to have the knowledge of the surroundings, being able to know the layout of the map and the best hiding places around. Black Ops now gives us the option to learn and study the maps in a single player set-up known as Combat Training where a gamer can learn everything he needs for the Elite Gamers online. Previously some people may of stuck to the single player mode due to the fact they do not have enough competitive experience in the online world, using the Combat Training where the other players are simulated by AI and play just as if online players do but with an easier difficulty setting. Once a gamer has become masterd of the maps he is then ready to take on the rest of the world with his new found tactics.

Elite Gamers may also find this scenario very useful to perfect their skills. Being able to keep great maneuverability around a map is a key skill needed to dominate a game. Whilst studying the maps an Elite Gamer will improve on accuracy, timing, maneuverability, and have great knowledge of their people will be likely to make suprise attacks.
Everything in the Combat training is completly seperate from your normal game and does not effect your statistics in anyway what so ever. Try getting together with a few of your buddies or your Clan and find ways of tacticly clearing each map using techniques used by the SEAL Teams.

Dont leave yourself open to attack, Learn the tactics and fight back!