Black Ops COD Points

On September 1st 2010, we was enlightened with a few more secrets of what was to come with Call of Duty Black Ops, one being a brand new game type called wager matches and a new currency system called COD Points. Inside Xbox did a full overview on what was to come in this video at their multiplayer event.

COD Points

Looking briefly into COD Points, which is the Black Ops in-game currency. We will take a look into the differences with unlocking and purchasing loadout options.

Call of Duty Black Ops still allows you to unlock different items, abilities, and customization options as you progress and level up. You will still be gaining experience but whilst also earning COD Points as you go along. Here is an example of how it works. For Perks when you get upto level 4, all the perks will be available for purchase. When you reach level 10 you will unlock Killstreaks. Also there are new unlocks which have not been previously seen in the call of duty series such as custom recticles, these will become available for purchase on all weapons. This will let you buy what you want, when you want but you have to bare in mind you must have the money to do so.

As a solider you will have preferences on weapons and set-ups and what fits your needs best, different weapons, different sights. In Call of Duty Black Ops you can chose what to buy when you want without having to wait to level up and unlock certain stuff and perdetermind times. As you will know in previous Call of Duty's you would have to unlock things in the order set but now you can skip right along to anything you like and unlock all your favourite stuff at the begining making it more fun. Another highly anticipated feature is the use of the RC Car killstreak, and using this new buying system all you soliders out there can test it right away!

These are just a few sneak peaks of what is to come, not all information is being given out right away. Stick with us and we will keep you updated.