Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Perks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Perks

Perks are special abilities you can select for each of your create-a-class classes. There are three "tiers" of perks, and you can have only one active perk for each tier.

Perks are unlocked by advancing your rank.

Each perk also has a pro version. The pro perk grants additional abilities whenever you use that perk. To unlock a pro perk, simply use the standard version of the perk. After you use it enough you will unlock the pro version (see the "pro unlock" entry below for the exact requirement).

Perk Ability Unlock Pro Pro Ability Pro Unlock
Tier One Perks
Marathon Marathon Unlimited Sprint Level 4 marathon pro Get over obstacles faster Run 26 miles using Marathon
reload Sleight of Hand Faster reload Level 4 reload pro Aim down sights faster Get 120 kills while using sleight of hand.
scavenge Scavenger Retrieve ammo from dead bodies Level 13 scavenge pro Start with extra ammo retrieve ammo from bodies 100 times
bling Bling Lets you put two attachments on your primary weapon Level 21 bling pro Lets you put two attachments on your secondary weapon Get 200 kills using a Bling weapon
army One Man Army Allows you to change classes at any time (rather than having to wait to die then respawn). Takes five seconds. Level 45 army pro Removes five second delay. Get 120 kills with one man army active
Tier Two Perks
power Stopping Power Increased bullet damage Level 4 power pro Increased bullet damage to vehicles Get 250 kills using stopping power
light Lightweight Move faster Level 4 light pro Quick aim after sprinting Sprint 30 miles using lightweight
hardline Hardline Killstreaks rewards require 1 less kill Level 9 hardline pro Deathstreaks require 1 less death Get 40 killstreaks (2 or more kills without dying) while using hardline.
cold Cold Blooded Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal Level 25 cold pro When an enemy targets you, they don't see a crosshair or name Destroy 40 Enemy kill-streak rewards.
danger Danger Close Increases explosive weapons damage Level 33 danger pro Extra air support damage Get 100 kills with explosives while using danger close
Tier Three Perks
commando Commando Increased melee distance Level 4 commando pro Take no falling damage Get 20 kills using commando
steady Steady Aim Increased hip-fire accuracy Level 4 steady pro Hold breath longer when using a sniper scope Get 80 hip-fire kills when using steady aim
scramble Scrambler Jams enemy radar near you Level 17 scramble pro Delay enemy claymore explosions Get 50 close range kills while using scrambler
ninja Ninja Invisible to heartbeat sensors. Level 29 ninja pro Footsteps are silent Get 50 close range kills while using ninja.
sitrep SitRep Reveals enemy explosives (C4 and claymores) and Tactical Insertions. Level 37 sitrep pro Enemy footsteps are louder Destroy 120 enemy devices while using SitRep.
laststand Last Stand After being killed you survive for 10 seconds with a pistol and the ability to crawl. Level 41 laststand pro Can use equipment (grenades, claymores, etc) in last stand. Get 20 kills using last stand

Perks In Depth

Scavenger - With Scavenger active you will see blue bags near dead players. By walking over these bags (or even just getting close to them) you can pick up ammunition. With the standard version of this perk you start off with the normal amount of ammo (usually 3 magazines, including what's in your gun). You can then pick up ammo as you find it, up to a max of 7 magazines. With the pro version you start with start with the max amount of ammo. Scavenger also replenishes expended equipment like grenades and claymores. If you like claymores scavenger is very useful, it allows you to have 2 claymores out at a time. It is extremely useful when using weapons with limited ammo like launchers.

Bling - Bling is one of the more popular perks. It allows you to use two attachments on your primary weapon. The pro version allows you to use two attachments on your secondary weapon. If you have the pro version be sure your secondary weapon will benefit from two attachments: launchers can't use attachments and some weapons (like the Ranger shotgun) don't get much benefit from a second attachment.

Stopping Power - Arguably the best tier-two perk, this increases the damage of your weapon by 30%. This means faster kills when you confront an enemy, and more one-hit kills when you are sniping.

One Man Army - One Man Army allows you to switch classes while you're still alive. When you equip One Man Army, you lose your secondary weapon. This isn't as bad as it seems because you can switch to a class that has whatever weapon you might need. You can switch to any class on your profile, whether it has One Man Army or not. If you switch to a class that also has One Man Army you can switch again, and switch between the two classes as many times as you like. If you switch to a class that does not have One Man Army, you are stuck in that class until you die and respawn. You will respawn as the class you started that life with (the class with One Man Army). One useful aspect of One Man Army: when you switch classes any equipment you laid out remains. This means you can put down a claymore, then put a tactical insertion flare in front of it. When an enemy tries to destroy the flare the claymore will kill them. You can also use One Man Army to manipulate your perks: have a class with Hardline so you get airstrikes faster. Once you have them but before you use them switch to a class with Danger Close so they do more damage.

Scrambler - This perk jams the radar of enemies near you. Their mini-map will show only static. Although it will prevent your enemy from pinpointing you when you fire, they will know that someone with this perk is nearby when their map goes out. Don't combine this perk with a silencer, since they both do similar things.

Sit Rep - With Sit Rep enemy explosives (C4, Claymores, and grenades) appear on your screen with a red glow. You can see this glow through objects and walls.

Last Stand - Last Stand is very similar to the Final Stand deathstreak. Both let you survive for a few seconds after you get shot. Unlike Final Stand, you cannot recover using Last Stand: you will always die after a few seconds. Also note: you do not need to be carrying a pistol to use last stand. No matter what weapon you are carrying you will always get a pistol when you are in your Last Stand death throws.


Builds, also known as loadouts, allow you to create different classes to suit your playing style and situation. The following combinations of perks, weapons, and attachments are builds that have been found effective by WikiCheats users. These builds are guidelines, customize them to fit your playing style. Weapon slots, attachments or perks that aren't vital to the build aren't listed, so feel free to put whatever fits your play style in those slots.

Primary Weapon: TAR-21 or M4A1
Attachments: heartbeat sensor and silencer
Perk 1: Bling
Perk 2: Cold-Blooded or Stopping power
Perk 3: Ninja
This build is a stealth attacker. The silencer attachment, cold-blooded perk, and ninja perk make you nearly invisible while the heartbeat sensor allows you to hunt down enemy players.
Primary Weapon: FAL, M16A4, M-21, or AK-47
Attachment: ACOG sight
Perk 2: Stopping power
Perk 3: Steady Aim pro
This build combines a long range rifle with a long range scope. This gives you a sniper-like capability but also lets you engage medium range targets and gives you a higher rate of fire.
Primary Weapon: Any (an all-around assault rifle like the M4 or ACR work well)
Secondary Weapon: Stinger
Perk 1: Scavenger
Perk 2: Cold Blooded
Death Streak: Painkiller
This is a good build to have ready to switch to when you get killed by enemy aircraft. The Stinger is the best anti-aircraft weapon, scavenger will give you the ammo you need to use it, and cold-blooded will prevent you from being seen by enemy aircraft so you have time to fire it.
Primary Weapon: Any Assault rifle (M4 or ACR recommended)
Attachment: Grenade Launcher
Secondary Weapon: AT-4 or RPG
Perk 1: Scavenger
Perk 2: Danger Close
Perk 3: SitRep
Death Streak: Martyrdom
Equipment: Claymore
This build is all about explosives. It is pretty much built around Danger Close, which increases explosive damage.
Knife Guy
Primary Weapon: Any (Riot shield works well)
Secondary Weapon: Handgun with the tactical knife attachment
Perk 1: Marathon
Perk 2: Lightweight
Perk 3: Commando Pro
One of the best combinations for players who like to get out and into the fight. If knifing is your thing, this is the setup for you. If you want to fully commit to knife attacks you can chose the riot shield as your primary weapon. Place it on your back (pull out your handgun) to protect against attacks from behind.
Parkour Pro
Primary Weapon: Any SMG with Akimbo (Mini-Uzi and P90 work best)
Secondary Weapon: Any
Perk 1: Marathon Pro
Perk 2: Lightweight
Perk 3: Commando pro
This setup is for those that are impatient and can't sit still at any second. Very much like the knifing class except with firepower. The perk combination is great for the favela map, where you can jump rooftops and fall of ledges and still run with both guns blazing.
One Shot, One Kill
Primary Weapon: Intervention or Barrett .50 cal with FMJ
Secondary Weapon: Any shotgun or Machine Pistol
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Steady Aim Pro
The Perfect sniper class that will always guarantee a One-hit-kill to the torso and head. Good for taking out long-rage enemies quickly, without having to waste any bullets.